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Addressing the issues that could be unique to a second divorce

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Divorce |

Going through the end of a marriage can be a stressful and daunting experience. Even if this is your second or third marriage, should you and your spouse decide to part ways, the subsequent process can still be difficult to prepare for, regardless of whether you have been here before.

While you may feel that previous experience could help you gain insight into what comes next, there could be additional factors to consider that might not have been a concern before. Understanding the issues that may arise could prove essential to making informed decisions about your future.

Potential concerns of a successive divorce

Every divorce is different and the topics you may find crucial to address will likely depend on the variables present in your current situation. Some of the issues that might be unique to successive divorces could include:

  • Children from each marriage: When children are present, reaching an acceptable parenting plan could prove vital and having kids from each marriage may have an influence on your wishes and preferences.
  • Stepchildren: During your marriage, you may develop a strong relationship with your spouse’s kids and understanding your rights for visitation with stepchildren could prove imperative.
  • Growing pool of assets: You may have had more time to build up your pool of assets prior to your second divorce and dividing this growing pool could be a complex process.
  • Complex nature of assets: As successive divorces are more prevalent later in life, complex assets such as retirement or investment accounts could also play a significant role in your situation.
  • Previous agreement: In some cases, the terms of a previous divorce settlement could impact your current situation, and this may only act to make an already intimidating process more complex.

With a multitude of factors to address, each of which could have a substantial influence on the decisions you make, you might be feeling somewhat overwhelmed and in need of guidance.

Seeking advice early on

Dissolving a marriage can be an emotional and highly complex process, and the outcome of your divorce could have a substantial impact on your life. Prior to entering negotiations, you could find it helpful to speak with someone with intricate knowledge of Arizona divorce laws for advice in covering every crucial aspect of the process. This type of guidance could help you better prepare to pursue the most favorable outcome achievable concerning your future and the future of your kids during divorce proceedings.