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When kids are involved in a divorce, they come first

On Behalf of | May 16, 2019 | Child Custody |

Arizona divorces come in all shapes and sizes. Some marriages fail in the early years, some do not survive after several decades of union. While the ultimate reason why divorce proceedings are initiated may be as unique as the couple involved, at some point, the conclusion is reached that the two are better off apart than together. The dynamics of how the two handle this life-changing decision is severely tested when children are part of the equation. They are the most vulnerable and need the most protection.

When family court judges make decisions regarding child custody and child support, the overriding standard is what is in the best interests of the child. Parents naturally want that for their children, but too often in an acrimonious and contentious divorce, they lose their way. Children should never be used as pawns to get back or gain some advantage over the other parent. Importantly, child psychologists emphasize that the worst thing for the kids is not divorce, but conflict.

Often, divorce is the best path to eliminate conflict. As the family splits and establishes separate households, discord should be kept to a minimum and commonality sought. Each parent should encourage their children to have a close relation with the other parent, try hard to establish common rules for both households, and always make sure the kids know they had nothing at all to do with why their parents’ marriage didn’t work out.

Child custody issues can be the most difficult and emotional matters in a divorce. If the couple can agree, the court will typically accept that arrangement, but will step in and impose a final order absent an agreement. A family law attorney can assist in ensuring that the rights of the client and the children are protected.