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A Tempe asset and debt division lawyer who cares

If you are just beginning the divorce process in Tempe, you may have questions about how your property will be distributed. Arizona is a community property state, a fact that strongly impacts how the property division will be handled. If you or your spouse has a pension or retirement plan, the division of this asset could add a degree of complexity to the property division.

How can a father overcome another's false paternity claim?

When an unmarried father wishes to establish his paternity of his child, the usual procedure followed is his signing a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity. This document will establish his rights and responsibilities with respect to his child. There is usually no question that the person who signs a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is the father of the child in question.

Understanding Arizona laws for child custody

Child custody can be a contentious issue in Arizona and led to major problems between the parents. If the couple is no longer together and in a relationship, it stands to reason that, there will be differences between the parties. Unfortunately, that often extends to handling the children. One issue that comes up has to do with legal decision-making. Understanding the laws when it comes to custody and decision-making is essential.

Legal guidance can prove invaluable for out-of-court settlements

Out-of-court divorce settlements and property division are becoming the chosen method for many divorcing couples. If you are under the impression that you do not need an attorney when you choose to negotiate your divorce, you might want to give that idea some thought. Navigating the process may be significantly less stressful if you have an experienced attorney on your side to provide support and guidance along with valuable input that could substantially benefit your future.

Can settlement for delinquent child support benefit me?

It is an unfortunate reality that some parents do not make their child support payments in full, on time or both, in Arizona. In certain cases, the supporting parent does not make any payments at all. Since delinquent payments of child support is a violation of the support agreement, the parent is likely to face a penalty. These punishments can be long lasting and difficult. Trying to find a way out of this situation can be complicated. Fortunately, there is the Settlement Program through the Arizona Division of Child Support Services (DCSS).

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