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What to consider before signing a prenuptial agreement

Does the mention of a prenuptial agreement make you squirm? What you may not realize is that, through statutes, case law and more, the state of Arizona has a written prenuptial agreement already prepared for every couple who gets married. You have the opportunity to tailor that agreement to fit your requirements and protect your interests in your own, unique contract.

Do moms have an edge in child custody hearings?

Many people in the Tempe, Arizona area, as well as greater Phoenix, may be under the common perception that in a child custody dispute, the child's mother has an automatic edge in that it easier for her to get custody than it is for a father to do so. This perception is likely based on the historical trend that when, a couple splits, children usually live with their mothers.

Multiply your chances of good asset division with a lawyer's help

A very long time ago, a wise person said, "All good things must come to an end." That's a bit of a sad thought, but surely the opposite is true as well, that all not-so-good things must also come to an end. Perhaps your marriage falls into the second category.

A lawyer can be helpful in child support disputes

Many residents of Tempe, Arizona and the greater Phoenix metro area may have the notion that if the only family law issue they are dealing with is child support, then they really do not need an attorney's help. Child support calculations are pretty streamlined these days, and there are many resources available through the state when it comes to enforcement.

High-profile couple reaches divorce settlement

Whenever a high-asset couple in Arizona heads for divorce court, asset division is complex and ripe for dispute. Why? Much of the couple's wealth is tied-up in complex investments. This can be anything from bank accounts and brokerage accounts, to high-end cars and real estate. All of this marital property must be appraised and sometimes, sold off in the property division process. One high-profile couple provides an example of how the property division in a high-asset divorce could be handled.

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