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First step in getting a divorce? Actually filing for one

The thought of getting divorced can understandably be confusing and stressful. After all, during a divorce, you and your spouse are essentially untangling your lives both emotionally and financially. The more strongly your lives intertwine, and the longer they are intertwined, the more difficult the process can be.

Factors considered in a child custody dispute

For many people in Arizona who are going through a divorce, the issue of child custody can be the most nerve-racking. Every parent wants what is best for their child, and, in a divorce, each parent likely thinks that they are the best one to take care of the child and make important decisions - not their soon-to-be ex-spouse. So, when it comes to child custody disputes in Arizona, it is important to know what factors the court will take into consideration when making an ultimate decision on the issue.

Property division includes debt division

When a couple in Arizona is going through a divorce, it can be very easy for either soon-to-be ex-spouse to focus on one particular issue, such as child custody or alimony. It is pretty much common knowledge that property will be divided between the couple in the divorce, so some people pay less attention to this topic. However, our readers would be doing so to their own detriment. Why? Well, it's because property division includes not only splitting up assets, but debt as well.

What are the basics of child support in Arizona?

When couples in Arizona are going through a divorce, child support can be one of the issues that causes the most concern. The reason is clear: child support can be a significant financial obligation for the non-custodial parent, and it can be a significant source of funds for the parent whom the child will be living with.

The impact of divorce on retirement plans

For many Arizona couples who are going through a divorce, particularly a high-asset divorce, retirement accounts usually aren't that high on the priority list when it comes to assets at issue. Why not? Well, for many of these couples, there are more pressing concerns, such as what will become of the family home, or child custody and support. However, couples should not overlook the value of retirement accounts, and, as a recent article noted, couples should do their best to seek to preserve the funds in these accounts.

Spousal maintenance may keep you financially strong post-divorce

The dissolution of a marriage is never an easy process to navigate due to the financial and emotional challenges involved. During the process of divorce, one of the biggest areas of contention involves determining if one spouse should have to pay alimony to the other one.

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