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The basics of a property division agreement

Previous posts here have mentioned how the divorce process can be much easier for couples in Arizona when they are able to reach agreements about certain aspects of the legal process. For instance, some divorces are agreed to mutually - both partners realize that it is best for each of them to move on from the marriage. Couples like this who are going through a divorce in Arizona may be able to work out many different parts of the divorce process, such as one of the biggest issues: property division.

Potential tax reform could have significant impact on divorce

In a divorce, there are many different concerns for Arizona residents. The focus in divorces that involve children will rightfully be on child custody, support and visitation, while all divorces will include concerns about property division. But, one aspect of divorce that may be an afterthought is how the divorce will impact a person's tax situation.

Child custody decision affects your relationship with your kids

When a married couple makes the decision to begin a family and have children, it is a huge step. The family dynamics will change forever, and family finances will be significantly impacted as well. So, logic dictates that when a divorce occurs, issues regarding the children will be some of the most important topics to address. That includes the child custody arrangement.

Why is "community property" an important term in Arizona?

Couples in Arizona who are going through the divorce process are likely to encounter certain terms that are unfamiliar to them. After all, for many people their interactions with divorce court are the first time that they have ever had contact with the judicial system. So-called "legalese" can seem pervasive. One important term that will come up in any divorce in Arizona is "community property."

The basics of child custody in Arizona

You are getting ready to file for divorce, but you have children to consider and have concerns about how parenting time will end up working out. That is okay. Worrying about child custody is certainly normal for any parent in Arizona or elsewhere who is in your exact same shoes.

Can science predict who will get a divorce?

Studying a social compact as significant as marriage has long been a favorite pastime of sociologists and psychologists. The intimate, personal relationship between a husband and wife can be fertile ground for getting a read on how the human mind works. But, can science predict which married couples will ultimately get a divorce? According to the data compiled by various researchers, the answer may be "yes."

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