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How mothers lose custody disputes

Many people believe that an inherent gender bias exists in the family court system and that mothers are heavily favored in custody disputes. While some states' practices seem to support this belief, Arizona has taken efforts to prevent gender bias. Courts in Arizona are actually legally prohibited from considering gender in parental disputes.

The different ways to establish paternity

If a child is born to parents who are married, the mother's husband is assumed to be the father. However, if a child's parents are not married when a child is born, no such assumption is made. Instead, the father may sign a form acknowledging his paternity. By signing the form, a man is entitled to all the rights that a normal father would have. He also assumes all of the obligations that come with being a child's legal parent.

The basis for determining a parent unfit to raise a child

Most parents in Arizona and throughout the country are fit to raise their children. However, if a parent is deemed to be unfit, he or she could be denied custody or other rights to a son or daughter. In some cases, those rights may be terminated completely, and in the event that both of a child's parents are seen as unfit, he or she could be adopted by another family.

How old calendars can be helpful in child custody cases

For many Arizona parents of young children, the new year means purchasing a new calendar and throwing out the one from the previous year. However, before they do so, they may want to think twice. It could be helpful if their marriage is coming to an end.

How international custody disputes are handled

Globalization as well as the opportunity to work and study in other countries and have led to more "international" marriages. If two people from different countries separate after having children, custody issues could be quite complex. Individuals in Arizona may wonder how situations are handled when international custody disputes materialize.

What parents should know about their custody rights

Parents in Arizona may want or need to transfer custody of their children to another party on a temporary basis. This could be because the parent becomes ill, doesn't have the financial resources to care for them or has just gone through a divorce. Generally speaking, any adult can assume custody of a child, but the transfer must be done with the kid's best interests in mind.

When fathers pursue child custody

Fathers in Arizona may be concerned about their rights when it comes time to seek custody of their children in family court. Over the years, many people have come to believe that fathers are likely to suffer from a bias that makes them more likely to have less time to spend with their children or be denied child custody altogether. Many of these beliefs come from historic approaches to custody, although these have changed over the years. Research backs up the idea that children benefit from having a strong relationship with both parents, and fathers who actively pursue custody are even more likely than mothers to successfully receive child custody.

Illegitimate reasons to deny visitation rights

Co-parenting can be challenging, as many divorced individuals in Arizona are well aware. Divorce can create hurt feelings and resentment. Some spouses use their children as weapons by denying visitation rights. Unless the non-custodial parent is putting the health or well-being of the child at risk, it is assumed that they have the right to visitation.

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